Date: Feb 27th 2014 7:17p.m.
Contributed by: amidanruo

The most recognized name in the world of Chinese underground and indie rock, Carsick Cars need no introduction. And after a five-year hiatus from releasing new material, they return with a triumphant third album, 3. Recorded in New York City by famed producer Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3), the new record showcases a confident, mature sound that captures much more of the onstage experimentation that occurs during their live shows.

Car Sick Cars

Although five years in the making, the genesis of the actual album was remarkably efficient. On tour in the U.S. in 2013, the band received word that Sonic Boom was available and interested in producing the third album. A round trip back to China in order to rehearse and many frequent-flyer miles later, the band returned, ready to work. Frontman Zhang Shouwang characterizes this record as one the band felt like they had complete creative ownership of.

“[Our first album] was produced by Yang Haisong, and back then we weren’t really sure what we wanted to sound like in a recorded setting. I’ve admired every producer we’ve collaborated with but working with one of our idols [Sonic Boom] and having much more experience makes me feel like this is the first album that really captures and defines the sound of our band.”

3’s lead singles, “Wei Cheng 围城” and “Bai Ge 白歌” reflect the improvisational, instrumental characteristic of the band’s live shows as well as influences from each member’s side projects. Fittingly, “Bai Ge” (White Song) features guitar riffs and progressions that sound like a lost B-side from WHITE+’s last album, and the ambling nature of both “Wei Cheng” and “Ye Cao 野草” showcases the group’s unique understanding of their evolving audience.

Familiar to the fans that have matured along with band ...

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