What’s the differentiating line between a Hong Kong investment visa and an employment visa when investing in the company that is seeking to sponsor-employ you?


I’m from Australia and have been living and working, as a language teacher, in Hong Kong since  December 2011.

I am currently starting up a business with a partner.

I have an employment visa and my business partner has no visa challenge associated with this project – he is married to a local woman.

We are setting up an insurance brokerage based online. We have a business plan and also plan to employ at least 3 members of staff within the next twelve months.

We have a 90% completed website (by developers based in Hong Kong). We are also incorporated in Hong Kong too.

My partner has paid for his 51% equity with a permanent, 5 desk office in  Wanchai and HKD500,000 in cash.  

I am ready to invest HKD500,000 in capital in exchange for my 49% along with my domain expertise and experience. 

I am a qualified insurance professional in Australia and have sat for and passed the relevant exams in Hong Kong, but only really have experience here as a language teacher, so feel that an employment visa would be tough to get from Immigration.

We’re going to attempt to get a Hong Kong investment visa for me instead.

How much would I likely need to invest?  

How likely is it that I will be accepted for such a Hong Kong investment visa?

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