Date: Feb 27th 2014 9:44a.m.
Contributed by: amidanruo

Are you as excited about Bruno Mars' (hopefully) imminent Beijing show as we are? Well, we're big fans. And if you want the chance to win some tickets for free, read on. 

From March 1-22, the purchase of three more more Heineken draft, Strongbow draft, Sol, Tiger or Murphy's at the Brick will get your name entered into a raffle for tickets. Or, enter their Bottoms Up Chart. Every time you drink one of the aforementioned beers, they'll add it to the chart. The person with the most drinks at the end of the promotion wins a ticket to the show.

For more details, click here. And don't forget the Brick's daily happy hour, Murphy's Monday and Wasted Wednesday promotions.

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