In China the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is taken pretty seriously. From youtiao to baozi to congee, a Chinese-style breakfast may be satisfying but many of us from Western climes still end up craving a simple bowl of cereal or piece of toast.

This is exactly what motivated owners Klara and Anita to start Miss Muesli. Despite reading the Lonely Planet guide from cover to cover and stalking hutong hipsters to their breakfast spots, they still couldn’t find decent muesli in Beijing, so they decided to search out the best local and imported ingredients they could find and make their own. The result was so good they had no choice but to take it to a cereal-starved wider audience.

The muesli in question comes in four varieties (RMB 35 for 400g, RMB 58 for 750g) from the Beijing-inspired “Miss Beijing Kiss” (which also happens to be gluten-free) to the nut-heavy “Mr. Naughty Nut.” All varieties contain at least 40 percent fruit and nuts, making them a vastly preferable alternative to the dry and dusty offerings usually found in Beijing’s import supermarkets. For those that still find muesli a touch too worthy, there is also a crunchy, cinnamon-scented granola (RMB 45 for 400g, RMB 70 for 750g). Don’t like the sound of the pre-mixed varieties? Hop online and let your culinary instincts run wild. Just don’t blame us if you don’t like your combination as much as theirs. Now if they would just deliver milk, too. 

Visit to order pre-mixed muesli or create a customized mix. Delivery to locations within Beijing is RMB 10, or free for orders over RMB 149. During December, you can also catch them at many of the Christmas bazaars being held around town.

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