Whether you’re a Wild One or a Kawasaki Ninja, motorcycles are worshipped as a symbol for individuality and personal freedom, and for their utility (parking a car sucks). Blackbridge was founded by local designer and motorcycle head Adrien Macera, and they are currently your best option for transforming your beat up old hog into something more contemporary, efficient, and elegant.

They are located near the National Film Museum, in a large live/work space kind of deal. The workshop is clean enough to perform most non-evasive surgical procedures, and they have all of the necessary tools and talents to transform your crotch rocket into something worthy of a mythical sword name like Excalibur or Stinger.

The prices aren’t cheap though, which we assume is the nature of this sort of high-end custom work. They range from RMB 8,000 for a small capacity custom town cruiser to RMB 200,000 for a complete overhaul and restoration of a vintage bike. While performance is their focus, they can add many details and eye candy that won’t hinder the bike’s speed or maneuverability.

If you have an idea for your ideal bike, they can probably build it, although they are developing a waiting list because their skills are increasingly in demand. Make sure to contact them first with your proposal then they will set a meeting so that you can go through the details of how and when to proceed.

In addition to these custom jobs, they provide coaching and service for advanced and beginner racers. For around RMB 10,000, they will take you on an all inclusive trip to one of the many international racetracks in China, where you can legally live out those top-speed dreams.

10am-7pm Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri. Heiqiao Art District (186 1813 2163)
5 km northwest of Cuigezhuang station (Line 15)

Photos: Kipp Whittaker

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