Former speakeasy joint, The Taco Bar, announced their imminent return last month but were quiet on the details. We promised you specifics as they came, and now, without further ado ...

After shuttering the original location off of Fangjia Hutong near Andingmen last spring, The Taco Bar will be making the move eastward to Sanlitun. Where exactly? No surprise here, we'll be finding them in the hottest culinary corner of town at the moment: Courtyard 4 – home to The Bookworm, The Local, Janes and Hooch, and more recently, Home Plate Bar-B-Que, The Rug, and Okra in the Hidden City 1949 compound.

As with the first iteration of The Taco Bar, the new space will be designed by Kupa Studios, who have also kitted out the slick interiors of Mosto, Apothecary, Enoterra, Susu and The Hardware Shop. So, we have much to anticipate beyond only the promise of a decent taco.

To the point, how do you get in on this? Head over to their newly launched website and sign up on their mailing list. While the full site is still under construction, signing up for the mailing list will get you the chance for an invitation to the opening party and limited soft opening dates for preview tastings. These events will only be open to those in The Taco Bar email database.

Photos: Kristen Lum of (click here for more coverage and backstory to The Taco Bar)

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