Every month, we like to shine a spotlight on the most delicious dishes we’ve stumbled upon recently. Eat up!

Zucchini carrot cake
Wagas, RMB 18
Filled with little poppy seeds and carrot skins, this moist guy satisfied our sweet tooth with its complex mixture of sweet and earthy flavors. Mixing in the zucchini and citrus, which is unorthodox to say the least, ended up being preferable to the usual additions of raisins and nuts.

Peking duck pizza
Alpha Omega Club, RMB 129
Not as crazy as it sounds. Think of standard Peking duck flavors (hoisin, duck, scallions), but replace the pancakes with a thin and crispy pizza base and add a healthy scattering of cheese (never a bad thing). The picturesque Houhai location doesn’t hurt either.

Chargrilled pork
HK o Man, RMB 58
It can be a little disturbing how much of this fatty meat we consumer here in China, but this dish is so classic and delectable that is sets that porky paranoia aside. It is a filling platter of very tender dark and light meats, served with a sweet garlic chili sauce and a spicy soy sauce. A perfect spread for satiating your guilty carnivore within.

Waspark, RMB 35
This is actually a really great deal. Made with quality ingredients, it does a far better job of giving us a “burgerific day” than other options in the over-RMB 50 category. Also it doesn’t taste like the meat is mixed with sawdust, like McDonalds. Waspark is a cool neighborhood joint, where you can just walk up to the window pick it up and consume in the comfort of your home. This sort of slow/fast food is the next wave.

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