The third annual World Baijiu Day is August 9. Here are some of the happenings!


Hawaii is on board for World Baijiu Day thanks to hotel manager Simon Amos, whose resume includes a long stint in Beijing. The Hilton Waikoloa Village plans to feature a twist on the Mai Tai in the resort’s new Kona Tap Room on August 9. Beverage manager Michale Hofstedt says the recipe includes Luzhou Laojiao, Disaronno, pineapple juice, orange juice and orgeat. There will also be tastings of Luzhou Laojiao to “give our guests the flavor of China.” says Hofstedt.

Hilton Waikoloa Village69-425 Waikoloa Beach Drive, 1-808-886-1234


Andrew Chiu and Andrew Wong at Peking Tavern have supported WBD since day one. In 2015, they launched the winning recipe—a baijiu sour—from an in-house cocktail contest. In 2016, they returned with cocktails and snacks. And this year, they will turn up the heat with a spicy cocktail they call “Chinese“: it includes Luzhou Laojiao and fresh chili peppers. As usual, classic Peking Tavern baijiu drinks like Wong Chiu Punch, One Inch Punch and Peking Coffee will be available along with comfort food like dumplings, noodles and scallion pancakes.

Peking Tavern, 806 South Spring Street. 213-988-8308.



WE BREWERY gave its craft beers a baijiu boost last year with plum and cranberry baijiu infusions. Owner Steve Wang says that 12 months of aging have given those infusions a new dimension. “The flavor is much more rich and intense,” he says. “I tasted it a of couple days ago and it was the bomb.” Get your baijiu infusion beer float while supplies last on August 9!

WE Brewery, 4 Yiheli, Xi’an Dao, Heping


The newest edition of cocktail bar Tiki Bungalow opened just a few weeks ago and will feature a cocktail called Goodbai Fu Manchu for World Baijiu Day. The drink features lychee juice, aged venezuelan rum, orange juice, almond extract and Bye Joe Dragon Fire Baijiu. “It’s a modern baijiu variation on the 1962 Kon Tiki drink, the Mystic Lamp, invented by Bob Esmino,” says co-owner Oliver Davies. “Needless to say, it comes served in a long moustached Fu Manchu ceramic mug.”

Tiki Bungalow, Jiadaokou Bei San Tiao (near Beiping Taproom, walk east behind the tall grey wall 15 meters)

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