These are some kick ass videos  literally.

A series of instructional clips have been released on the WeChat account of i.Fight Club, a new gym opened by the team behind Capital Training Center and other successful MMA facilities in Beijing. The videos will not only give you useful tips on upping the effectiveness of your workout and power of your punches, they'll also help to provide inspiration to keep on training even if you're weary or achy from your last visit to the gym.

Co-owners and trainers Sean Wright and JP are seen gearing up and stepping into the ring for the recently released second clip in the series about low kicks. Wright gives instructions and descriptions in English, which JP translations into Chinese (there are also Mandarin subtitles), such as the introduction: "Over the next 10 minutes we'll be doing a lot of combinations, some basic boxing, some low kicks, and maybe working in head kicks at different angles." The best part of the video is Wright's commentary; between delivering one bone-rattling blow after another, as he notes that it takes more than merely one well placed kick to defeat an opponent, but rather a combination of strategic jabs to wear down his defenses.

Wright tells the Beijinger that the videos are meant to "supplement your in-gym training with a few tips and guidelines to keep you on the right track if you're training outside of class time. They should be considered a supplement, not a substitute for good coaching."

To watch the latest video, click here and be sure to follow the gym on WeChat at iFightclub for future videos and more information about joining the gym (check their directory here).

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