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Will a visit from the police with no charges laid compromise my Right of Abode application?


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I’m writing on behalf of my partner, who has been in Hong Kong for over 6 years. He’s coming up to his 7th year of continuous residency, and he hopes to apply for the right of abode next year.

He has a great reputation at work, employed at a well known institution, and has always paid his taxes on time. He’s the perfect candidate for permanent residency, and has worked hard to get here.

The problem is that we recently had a bit of trouble with the police. It was a minor domestic issue, we had a fight that got out of control, and the police were called in. No charges were made, but there’s definitely a record of the incident in the police files.

It’s extremely regrettable, and after the dust settled I realized that this may have adverse effects on his future visa applications.

Do you think this jeopardizes his application?

Could he have his application denied because of this?

I’ve considered going to the police to explain the situation and ask to remove or at least mitigate the record, if possible. 

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