You may think Beijing already has a surplus of Great Gatsby themed parties, but it could never have too many well-fitting suits and bowties. I’m all for dapper, stylish men. Ladies, who’s with me?

Joining Beijing’s modest culling of menswear boutiques like Senli and Frye is Principle M, a brand that stands out for offering both made-to-measure and ready to wear clothing for men. It was co-founded by U.S. native Justin Kwan, who aims to not only give Beijing’s males a quality, reliable stop for all their tailoring needs, but provide a pointer or two. And I’m not just talking about, “Leave that cheap, 1990s, shiny, eyesore of a suit at home.” I’m talking about color pairing (just ask the manager at O’Quirey shoes about his biggest pet peeve), why it’s good to invest in pants that have triple closure, and even the downright basics, like how to tie a tie.

All of this advice and more is incorporated into their workshops and doled out in their special styling room from their own in-house stylist. I had a look at the space during their soft launch and adored the classy male touches: cushy, brown leather chairs, photos of old cars and Abraham Lincoln, and hip flasks.

For more coverage of Principle M, look forward to the March issue of the Beijinger. In the meantime, check out their blog with fun fashion facts, styling advice, offers and promotions, and more information about their brand.

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Photos: Jessica Rapp