König Ludwig Weissbier

With beer drinkers, the taste and quality of a beer carry significant weight when deciding if you do indeed like a beer or not, and an interesting and recitable story behind a beer often makes the enjoyment of the tipple even greater. To truly appreciate German beer, you have to understand the history behind it, and in fact, much of its history relates to one family, the Wittelsbach family, which dates back to 1260. Duke Ludwig "the Severe" founded the first royal family brewery in Munich.

A few centuries later, in 1516, the reinheitsgebot, known as the Beer Purity Law, was adopted in Bavaria by William IV, Duke of Bavaria. This law limited the ingredients to produce bottom-fermented beer to water, barley, hops, and yeast, and allowed for the additional use of malted wheat in top-fermented beers. Since 1919, the Beer Purity Law has had a great impact on the types of beer brewed today. The law was instated to cover all German beer. 


For 200 years, between 1601 and 1801, the Duke Maximilian I from the Wittelsbach family monopolized brewing weissbier (wheat beer). In October 1810, the wedding celebration of Crown Prince Ludwig I and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen marked the first-ever Munich Oktoberfest, which would go on to draw six to seven million visitors annually. Then in 1868, King Ludwig II established a brewing science faculty at the old Benedictine Abbey of Weihenstephan outside Munich, which happens to now be part of the Technical University of Munich.

Quality Matters Most

HRH Prinz Luitpold von Bayern has set himself the target brewing and to offering only the best beers of each style since being obliged to the Bavarian Purity Law was issued by one of his ancestors in 1516. His family recipes have been fine-tuned over the centuries and follow Royal Bavarian brewing and processing procedures to guarantee the highest quality.

HRH Prinz Luitpold von Bayern and his technical team ensure that all beers from Kaltenberg Castle are brewed under strict quality control measures. Guaranteed compliance with all Royal Bavarian brewing standards and specification is mandated for those breweries allowed to brew Kaltenberg beers. The monthly control by Bavarian brewmasters and the steadily degustation and taste approval under the supervision of HRH Prinz Luitpold von Bayern lead to many accolades, including international quality gold medals for breweries licensed by König Ludwig International.

The König Ludwig brand specializes in several Royal Bavarian beers. Their Weissbier (5 percent ABV), brewed with Kaltenberg’s special yeast, wheat, barley, and Hallertau hops are particularly refreshing with notes of clove, banana, melon, and elderflower. The body is cloudy with a hint of yeast and the foam is stable and tight. One of their leading dark beers, the Dunkel (4.6 percent ABV), is brewed with three various malts, Hallertau hops, and yeast that gives the brew a copper color, a clear body, and a creamy foam. It has aromas of cinnamon, nougat, caramel, and roasted malt, and flavors of chocolate, orange, almond, and caramel, with a pleasantly bitter finish and a full body.

Useful beery words

Beer 啤酒 píjiǔ
Water 水 shuǐ
Hops 啤酒花 píjiǔhuā
Yeast 酵母 jiàomǔ
Barley 麦芽 màiyá
Brewery 酿酒厂 niàngjiǔchǎng
Bavarian 巴戈利亚 bāgēlìyà
Weissbier/wheat beer 白啤酒/小麦啤酒 bái píjiǔ/xiǎomài píjiǔ
Dunkel 黑啤酒 hēi píjiǔ
Bavarian Purity Law 啤酒纯酿法 píjiǔ chúnniàng fǎ
Beer garden 啤酒花园 píjiǔ huāyuán

Conversation starters

Can I have a bottle of König Ludwig Weissbier?
Wǒ kěyǐ diǎn yīpíng lù dé wéi xī guówáng xiǎomài píjiǔ ma?

I like the lingering aftertaste of this beer.
Zhèkuǎn píjiǔ de yúxiāng hěnjiǔ,wǒ hěn xǐhuān.

A classic wheat beer always has aromas of clove and banana.
Jīngdiǎn de xiǎomài píjiǔ yībān yǒu dīngxiāng hé xiāngjiāo de xiāngqì.

The body of Dunkel is not cloudy as Weissbier.
Hēi píjiǔ de jiǔtǐ búxiǎng xiǎomài píjiǔ nàyàng húnzhuó.

This subtle and creamy foam is the treat of summer.
Xiàtiān hē miánmì rú nǎiyòu bān pàomó de píjiǔ zhēnshì xiǎngshóu.

The Dunkel is very drinkable thanks to it being under 5 percent ABV.
Jiǔjīngdù búdào 5 dù de hēipíjiǔ fēicháng yìyǐn.

Could you buy a box of König Ludwig Dunkel for a friend’s birthday?
Yǒu péngyǒu yào guò shēngrì le, kěyǐ dìng yīxiāng lù dé wéi xī guòwáng hēi píjiǔ ma?

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