The question of investment visa or not is actually quite straight forward. It’s all about ‘living’ in Hong Kong…


Hi Visa Geeza,

I’ve a question regarding putting up a company in Hong Kong.

I’ve been reading about how “easy” it is to set up a company in Hong Kong, however, it sounds too over simplified to me.

I’m thinking of putting up an Internet business start-up (media-related, think of a web publication) in Hong Kong while running it in another country.

I don’t plan on staying in Hong Kong (as that would mean a much higher cost of living) but I do want to run this business from outside HK while occasionally flying in from time to time.

Is this possible? Do I still need a specific Hong Kong visa of sorts to set up that company, register it with the authorities and run it?

Well, basically, can I ask for basic pointers on how a foreigner can put up a small start-up company in Hong Kong and run the company from outside Hong Kong (no intentions on staying there in the long term at the moment.)

Thanks for your time.

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